Develop An Appreciation For The Present Moment

Have you ever had a work experience where a client is demanding in a not so friendly manner? I am sure this doesn’t sound oh so… out of your reality…

I learned you need to be less reactive than them and find a solution to meet them where they are at. To be less reactive is easier said than done.

It would be nice to have a way to deal with this without totally getting emotional involved in behavior that is not yours. In this blog post, I am going to talk about some simple way’s to deal with this type of situation.

With all the chaos in society, focusing on your career with peacefulness and ease can be challenging, which can further put you down a road you don’t want to be. We can use the present moment as a way to nourish our soul and connect to our goals in work and life.

I recently got this fortune cookie that really resonated with me:

My Top Benefits of developing An Appreciation For The Present Moment:

  • Becoming in full alignment with life (knowing what you’re here to do, what life means to you and becoming centered within).
  • Ability to be still and okay with no stimulation (TV, Computers, Smart Phone, etc.)
  • Relaxation practice during the chaos
  • Not getting programmed by anything outside of yourself
  • Feeling of wholeness and gratitude for what you are already have
  • Using the presence given to you to source ideas for your creative venture’s
  • Having an expansive consciousness
  • Ability to develop emotional awareness and intuition

It’s something so simple, but overlooked in our society! Bottom line is I believe we need outlet’s for relaxation practices. Meditation is a great tool for awareness, stillness and appreciating the moment. For these practices to truly be effective, like anything else you need to make a habit. This is scientifically proven to relax and alter your brain chemistry. You can look up countless studies/articles on the positive benefits of this.

What I do is a meditation for at least 30 minutes in the morning and night. Before I check my email’s or do anything else, I start my day out doing this and I can say it has changed my life in countless ways. The biggest thing is it teaches you the ability to feel good within yourself without needing anything from the physical world. THAT’S HUGE.

In society, we aren’t taught that though because through advertising and marketing, we are conditioned we need external things to complete us. Don’t get me wrong, these external things give life meaning and I am not disregarding that for one second, but we don’t want to get lost in it. You can tap into emotions and feelings that you want through unplugging from stimulation and building this into your routine. The best part about it, in my opinion is it something that you can do and not rely on anyone else.

I believe getting off the Computer and TV is huge to unplug from this. While I love technology, Video Editing, personal growth, audio books, we need separation for a truly healthy life experience.

I think using these meditative practice’s will become even more popular for creative’s, honestly any kind of work. Having this tool in your back pocket can make you not only more focused, less worried, and productive.

So… Next time that client is overreacting and coming across harsh, you will know how to handle it.


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