“Life and business is like the changing seasons”,

– Jim Rohn

When I first heard Jim speak about this, I was a little puzzled. Right now this make’s a lot of sense to me. You realize when bad stuff happens, you become stronger and can adapt to change.

During this crazy time, we are going through a big rough patch. Everyone feels it. I am using this time for reflection and personal growth. I am going to be vulnerable in this post and share some very personal info about my life.

To get up close and personal with you, a girl I was dating broke up with me, the corona hit, a show I was working on for the past few years got cancelled, and a lot of chaos in my personal life. This left me in a downwards spiral.

I had to re-frame myself and realize, there a lot of people going through way worse situations than me. Just throwing that out there, so I am not sounding like a victim here. This is just a personal post so you understand where I am coming from.

I believe a time for reflection is super important for your own personal development as a human being.

I am thinking about my past decisions and actions. I want to use this time to rebuild my future in a big way.

Right now, the one thing we can improve is our self. I believe we need more solutions right now on how to move forward in our lives. Here is what I am doing for myself during these chaotic times:

I am focused on some positive habits and routines

  • Doing morning and nightly 30 minute meditations to clear my mind from stress
  • Some workout per day (walking, weight lifting, kettle bells) to stay fit and healthy
  • Listening to positive motivational videos on YouTubes
  • Listening to audiobooks
  • Expanding my outreach marketing myself (blogging, linkedin, and sending cold outreach e-mails)
  • Looking into new skills I can learn to move my career forward
  • Reach out to old friends

Reflection to me is about inner growth which eventually will have a impact on external circumstances in your life.

Eventually, this rough patch in the world will pass, and we can use this as perspective to be grateful for the life we have.

What I want to improve moving forward:

  • Better relationships both personally and professionally
  • More positive energy
  • Outreach for meeting new people and networking
  • Building a healthier robust immune system
  • Get in better shape
  • Be more grateful
  • Have more perspective about life
  • Have systems in place to stay positive

One positive thing I have noticed is we can use technology to bring us together virtually. We can catch up with friends on video chats, find more remote opportunities for work, and still have an outlet for connection.

Don’t get me wrong, REAL LIFE relationships are still important, but at least for now, we still have ways of operating in society.

Hard times like this can shape us in more stronger, humane ways, and hopefully bring us close together.

Thanks so much for reading this, stay healthy.


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